~ Workshops on the Glanusk Estate 2018 ~

New Workshops coming soon for more information please contact me below 



If you would like to contact me about workshops, commissions or anything else please send me a message or 
mobile 0753 497 4327


I run workshops from my studio on the Glanusk Estate near Crickhowell, South Wales. click here for more details.

I welcome beginners as well as those who have done carving before. Students will have the oppourtunity to create carvings in the round as well as relief carvings and lettercutting.

There is ample parking on site w.c. facilities for students. It is a good idea to wear old or work clothes.

 My Approach to Teaching

When someone comes to me to learn, I want them to feel the validity of their own creative powers. They are as much an artist as I am, it’s just I have been lucky enough to devote much more time to it than they have.

I see my job as enabling a student to unlock their own means of expression, not mine, in whatever way that works for them. Sometimes I’ll meet someone who has never had the chance to spend time drawing, or have had their confidence knocked by negative experiences. I often hear myself reminding them that writing is a form of mark making with a pen or pencil and that they’ve been doing that for years and are very adept at it.

I am very aware that activities such as lifedrawing and stonecarving can feel pretty intimidating and I can remember how I felt when first asked to partake in these. I do my best to find a way in that suits each student. I don’t believe it works in my classes to have set exercises for everyone, but to help each student on their own path and key into what technical skills will best move them forward and what imagery and reference will give them a hint of the possibilities of their own journey.